Intellectual Property Claim

Preserving Creative Works and Identity

The preservation of originality is crucial for both creative works and personal identity. Intellectual property laws provide a framework to safeguard these elements through copyright, trademark, and publicity rights.

Copyright Law

Copyright protects the tangible expression of original ideas in artistic and literary works. This ensures creators maintain control over their creations, preventing unauthorized copying or distribution.

Trademark Law

Trademark law protects distinctive elements that identify and distinguish goods or services, ensuring consumer trust in specific brands.

Publicity Rights

These rights safeguard an individual’s name, image, and likeness from unauthorized commercial use without consent.

Reporting Infringements

If you suspect copyright, trademark, or publicity rights violations, report them to the designated email address at [email protected].

Importance of Compliance

Adherence to intellectual property laws fosters a fair and ethical creative and commercial environment by respecting creators’ rights. Your vigilance in identifying and addressing potential violations is highly valued.

Action Required

Please provide the following information when reporting an infringement:

  • Link to the infringing content
  • Proof of your original work
  • Your name and phone number
  • Title the email TAKEDOWN REPORT

Thank you for your commitment to upholding these legal principles.